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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINBordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences
Cluster of excellence

Transfer research projects




The aim of the “investissement d’avenir” program is to build an integrated high-level policy in research, training, dissemination and technology transfer, with the final objective of developing the commercial possibilities of research results. During the first 3 years of activities, the LabEx BRAIN has been supporting basic research within the scientific open call for proposal. This program for transfer and applied research funded applied biological and biomedical research projects with a strong potential economic impact. The projects could concern discovery, development or optimization of innovative therapeutic or diagnostic products; as well as valorisation of research tools dedicated to the discovery of new therapeutic or diagnostics (e.g. screening methods, in silico, cellular or animal models).




  • BrainOrganoscope (2019)

Development of a screening imaging platform for brain organoids

Investigateur principal : Jean-Baptiste Sibarita (IINS)

Partenaires : K. Alessandri, M. Feyeux (TREEFROG)

Subvention LabEx : 240 300 €


  • FUSO (2019)

Development and validation of automatic sleep spindle analyser

Investigateur principal : Jacques Taillard (SanPsy)

Partenaires : Physip, Paris

Subvention LabEx : 106 000 €


  • CannaPreg (2015)

Preclinical development of AEF0117, the first of a new pharmacological class: the C3-12,NMPDs (Non Metabolized Pregnenolone Derivatives)

Investigateur principal : Pier-Vincenzo Piazza (NCM)

Subvention LabEx : 300 000 €


  • SinglePull (2015)

Single molecule pull-down platform to dissect protein-protein interactions in neurobiology

Investigateur principal : Vincent Studer (IINS)

Subvention LabEx : 300 000 €