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The LabEx BRAIN offers a fellowship to student of Bordeaux Neurocampus to finish their PhD thesis before to leave for a post-doc.

For the first edition, 14 proposals were submitted and evaluated by the LabEx BRAIN steering committee.

Selected projects are:

"Role of NMDA receptor surface trafficking during synaptic maturation and plasticity"

Laurent LADEPECHE, supervision Laurent Groc, IINS.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months

"Cannabinoid type 1 receptor (CB1) deletion in discrete hypothalamic nuclei: its role in energy and glucose homeostasis"

Pierre CARDINAL, supervision Daniela Cota, NCM.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months


"Dietary omega-3 deficiency and emotional behaviors: role of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis"

Thomas LARRIEU, thèse sous la direction de Sophie Layé, NutriNeuro.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months


« Nanoscale functional organization of branched F-actin networks and N-cadherin adhesion during dendritic spine motility"

Anael CHAEZAU, supervision Grégory Giannone, IINS.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months


"Alterations of dendritic electrogenesis in layer 5B pyramidal neurons in a mouse model of Fragile X Syndrome"

Audrey BONNAN, supervision Andreas Frick, NCM

LabEx support: 8 months

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