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Cluster of excellence

Primate Experimental Facility


Management of purchase, housing, methodological support and animal supply

The primate animal house was designed so as to house 22 monkeys (Macaca mulattaMacaca fascicularis) in individual cages, which can be converted into birdcages according to species and their use, thus supporting any kind of experimentation whether it is a behavioural, physilogical, genetic or a vigilance study.

Management and supply of the experimental rooms and the surgery unit

The surgery unit comprises an operating room enabling any kind of surgeries and a digital radio system providing front and profile images with an enlargement of 1. It is specialised in central nervous system stereotaxy making use of a stereotactic frame combined with a neuronavigation system.

Users can use, under certain conditions:

  • a lab bench for the preparation of experiments;
  • three electophysiological recording stations, equipped with a Faraday cage and a device of work paradigm recording and management;
  • a room for experimentations with TMS (Transcranial Magnetique Stimulation) also equipped with the Neuronave tracking system and an electophysiological recording station;
  • a room for behavioural analyses equipped with an observation cage and with a motion analysis device (Vigiprimate);
  • a big adjustable room (housing a labyrinth of nine identical rooms);
  • a virtual reality device.

These premises are shared but can be used by a preferred user.

Management and/or common purchase of animal house equipment for research teams

Services offered by a skilled staff who takes into consideration the specific operational imperatives of the platform and the research work

Its objective is also to contribute to the training of the staff working with the animals.

Support to get access to MRI services
Relations with the animal houses of other platforms, with private sector partners (service providers for experimentation) and with the experimentation ethics committee (CREEA50)

The operating of the primate platform is assessed trough a flat-rate billing i.e a per diem per capita. Users are billed on a quaterly basis. The per diem is reviewed each year according to the last financial period and the forecast of future expenses.

Financial support of LabEx BRAIN :

2013: 40 500€

2012: 40 500€

Reduction in utilization costs for Bordeaux Neurocampus users:

- 40,5%