Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence




Clinical research

  • Conduct of biomedical research in healthy volunteers or patients
  • Monitoring of cohort volunteers
  • Housing of patients for cognitive training non-pharmacological therapies Accueil de patients pour des thérapies non pharmacologiques d'entraînement cognitif
  • Recruitment of healthy or diseased subjects
  • Technical or logistics support for protocol implementation
  • Methodological advice

Supply of

  • specific premises
    • 10 beds
    • Consultation and experimental rooms
    • One nursing station
    • One machine room
    • A secretarial office
  • specialised staff
    • nurse
    • clinical research assistant
    • clinical research technician
    • psychologist

Financial support of LabEx BRAIN :

2013: 89 300€

2012: 89 300€

Reduction in utilization costs for Bordeaux Neurocampus users :