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Laser Microdissection

Laser Microdissection


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Laser Microdissection System allows to isolate and to collect homogeneous populations of cells from tissues or cell cultures containing heterogeneous populations of cells thanks to visual microscopic inspection.
This technique is necessary to study accurate and targeted cells populations visible at a microscopic scale and located in a homogeneous tissue.

The platform is equipped with a PALM type 4 (Zeiss) automated laser microdissector coupled with fluorescence.
The Laser Capture Microdissection ( LCM ) system works thanks to a solid state UV laser that guarantees an accurate cutting without damaging the tissue.
The LCM process does not alter neither the chemistry nor the morphology of the cells or tissues of the sample.
Furthermore, with this process, there is no contact between the sample and the collector, thus reducing the risk of contamination for molecular analysis.
For this reason, LCM is well adapted for DNA, RNA and/or protein analysis. With PALM automated robot, several areas can be microdissected and collected into the collector that will be used for the extraction of biomolecules.

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