Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC)

Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC)

Services :

Photonic Imaging Facility:

• Training in Confoncal Microscopy, Refresher courses

• Supply of Equipment: Macroscopy, Epifluorescence microscopy or video-microscopy, FRAP Video-microscopy, PALM Confocal microscopy, Spinning-disk microscopy, FLIM Microscopy, STED Confocal Microscopy, Long-term use of all kinds of microscopes

• Engineering Service : Image acquisition, Picture analysis (the Engineering Service for image analysis is charged only if the images were not acquired on the platform).

Electronic Imaging Facility :

• Supply of Equipment : Electronic microscopy, Utramicrotomes, immunolabelling tools, image analysis

• Sample preparation : for MET & MEB,

• Training : training to technics and tools

• Reseaech and development : correlative microscopy (in collaboration with the photonic imaging facility), tomography

Financial support of LabEx BRAIN :

2013: 148 000€

2012: 148 000€

Reduction in utilization costs for Bordeaux Neurocampus users :

-30% to -60% depending on the service (average -45%)