Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINBordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences
Cluster of excellence

Bordeaux School of Neuroscience

BSNThe Bordeaux School of Neuroscience is a fully equipped laboratory for neuroscience research and exclusively dedicated to training through practice.

All the initial equipment was acquired with the financial support of LabEx BRAIN (1.6 M€).


The school offers all the logistics for international teams who wish to come to Bordeaux to teach on cutting-edge subjects.


> A unique neuroscience training centre in EuropeBordeaux School of Neuroscience 1

  • Advanced courses based on “hands-on” training
  • Open to the international comunity
  • Organization of training in research and further education :
    • Trainings in research : courses (masters, PhD students) / summer schools (PhD students, post-docs, researchers...) / workshops (engineers, researchers, post-docs...)
    • Further education :  teachers / medical staff / corporate (biotech, pharmaceutical companies)...


> What do we propose?

A service to the international community for the organization of courses in all fields of neuroscience.


A dedicated training laboratory fully equipped for modern neuroscience researchBordeaux School of Neuroscience 2

  • Wet lab for molecualr and cellular neurobiology
  • in vitro andin vivo electrophysiology
  • Standard cellular imaginig
  • Behavioral lab space
  • Additional flexible space for exhibition of latest equipments by providers
  • IT facilities
  • Lecture rooms

.Bordeaux School of Neuroscience 3

Logistics for the organization of courses

  • Administrative and technical support
  • Social events organization


Access to high level core facilities

  • Functional genomics, proteomics, biochemistryBordeaux School of Neuroscience 4
  • Molecular and cellular imaging
  • Advanced behavorial analysis in rodents and humans
  • Functional neuroimaging