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Sabbatical stay

The LabEx BRAIN aims at promoting excellence of the research, transfer, training and international visibility of Bordeaux Neuroscience. Therefore, the LabEx BRAIN wishes to facilitate sabbatical stays (1-6 months) in its affiliated laboratories for oustanding-level senior scientists coming from foreign countries.

These visitors will bring their expertise to the Bordeaux Neuroscience community during their stay and act as our ambassadors when they return to their own countries.

• Equipe Choquet (IINS) 6k€
Accueil F. Meunier, Associate Professor, Queensland Brain Institute, Australia,
"Timing of molecular events underpinning neurotransmission using super-resolution microscopy".

• Equipe Ferreira (NutriNeuro) 2k€
Accueil de M. Maroun,Senior Lecturer, Laboratory of Neurobiology of Emotions: , Israel
"Modulation of memory and plasticity by early high-fat diet consumption: bidirectional effects on hippocampus and amygdala"

• Equipe Simmers (INCIA) 4k€
Accueil KT. Sillar, Professor of Neuroscience, University of St Andrew, UK
"interactions between NO and aminergic pathways in locomotor CPG modulation"