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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINBordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences
Cluster of excellence

Clinical research projects




To meet the challenges of Neuroscience research, the LabEx BRAIN brings together teams that have decided to work in collaboration on multidisciplinary themes. This call for proposals aims to support innovative transversal or translational research. It is specifically dedicated to clinical research projects involving one or more Bordeaux teams: based on the results obtained by a Bordeaux team (fundamental, preclinical or clinical research), the LabEx BRAIN proposes to finance human trials on healthy or sick subjects, whether physiological, physiopathological, diagnostic or therapeutic, excluding industrial trials.




  • KAREPI (2019)

Ectopic kainate receptors in temporal lobe epilepsy: a new therapeutic target

Principal investigator : Christophe Mulle (IINS)

Partners : G. Penchet, C. Marchal, V. Michel (CHU Bordeaux)

LabEx grant : 220 000 €


  • SOCCER-BRAIN (2019)

Brain changes after repetitive head impacts in soccer and the effects of a protective device: biomechanical, cognitive, electrophysiological and multimodal neuroimaging studies

Principal investigator : Patrick Dehail (EA4136)Jean-René Cazalets (INCIA)

Partners : J.-R. Cazalets (INCIA), H. Cassoudesalle, P. Poisson, B. Glize, N. Duclos (EA4136)

LabEx grant : 70 000 €


  • SOMVOICE (2019)

Voice biomarkers to predict excessive daytime sleepiness

LabEx grant : 113 700 €


  • ADACHOL (2017)

In vivo involvement of the cholinergic and dopaminergic systems in the pathophysiology of apathy

Principal investigator : Joachim Mazeres (INCIA) 

Partners : G. Catheline, P. Fernandez, W. Mayo, I. Sibon (INCIA)

LabEx grant : 99 779 €


  • NEUROPERF (2017)

Effectiveness of neurofeedback on cognitive performance and daytime alertness in controlled sleep restricted healthy suvbject

Principal investigator : Jean-Arthur Micoulaud-Franchi (SanPsy)

Partners : Fabien Lotte (INRIA)

LabEx grant : 99 779 €


  • INFRARED (2015)

Near infrared spectroscopy for assessing freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease

Principal investigator : Wassilios Meissner (IMN)

Partners : B. Mazoyer (GIN), N. Tzourio-Mazoyer (GIN), G. Perchey (GIN)

LabEx grant : 50 000 €


  • MirSLA (2015)

Study of miRNA expression pattern in patient's sample as diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Principal investigator : Alexandre Favereaux (IINS)

Partners : G. Le Masson (NCM ), A.-C.Wielanek-Bachelet (Centre référence SLA)

LabEx grant : 40 000 €


  • MOODSEC (2015)

Use of an innovative and easy-to-use tool based on the perception of visual food stimuli for assessing hedonic and motivational states in major depression. Relationships with peripheral endocannabinoids

Principal investigator : Bruno Aouizerate (NCM)

Partners : P.Philip, Sanpsy

LabEx grant : 50 000 €


  • OBETEEN (2015)

Neurocognitive impact of adolescent obesity

Principal investigator : Guillaume Ferreira (NCM)

Partners : P. Barrat (CHU), G. Catheline et S. Chanraux (INCIA)

LabEx grant : 64 000 €


  • SOMNET (2015)

The sleepless brain: neuroimaging support for a differential diagnosis of insomnia

Principal investigator : Ellemarije Altena (SANPSY)

Partners : M. Joliot (GIN), E. Sanz Argita (GIN) P.Philip (SANPSY)

LabEx grant : 100 000 €


  • TRAUMAFEAR (2015)

Identification of the cerebral networks mediating pathological fear behavior in Post­Traumatic Stress Disorder patients and in rodents: a translational study

Principal investigator : Vincent Dousset (IBIO/NCM)

Partners : C. Herry (NCM), M. Bonnet, (IBIO/NCM)

LabEx grant : 50 000 €