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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINBordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences
Cluster of excellence

Mechanisms and patho-physiological consequences of the dynamic organization of synapses

Key words: synapses, macromolecular complexes, brain plasticity, cell adhesion, neuron-glia interactions, learning and memory, neurological diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer, mental retardation, epilepsy, Huntington's), super-resolution microscopy, electrophysiology.


Coordinators: Valentin Nägerl, Stéphane Oliet

Participating teams: Nora Abrous, Erwan Bezard, Bruno Bontempi, Daniel Choquet, Andreas Frick, Laurent Groc, Yann Humeau, Marc Landry, Giovanni Marsicano, Mireille Montcouquiol, Christophe Mulle, Piervi Piazza, Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Olivier Thoumine

Associated Teams: Brahim Lounis (LabEx Laser and photonics)

General Objective:

• to go significantly beyond our current understanding of the dynamic processes at synapses underlying brain plasticity by utilizing cutting-edge dynamic imaging and physiological techniques and,

• to evaluate findings from the molecular and cellular level within the context of animal behavior and animal models of neurological diseases.

• Based on a deeper understanding of the relationship between molecular events at the synapse level and key parameters at the level of behavior and brain diseases, our ultimate goal is to generate new and effective therapeutic strategies for brain diseases by identifying novel molecular targets and paradigms of behavioral intervention

Selected Projects:


Membrane dynamics of astrocytic glutamate transporter and its functional impact on synaptic functions

LabEx support: 31 666€ /year for 2 years

Teams: Laurent GROC (IINS) ; Stéphane OLIET (NCM)

Role of neuronal and astroglial CB1 receptors in morpho-functional plasticity of the tripartite synapse

LabEx support: 31 666€ /year for 2 years

Teams: Giovanni MARSICANO (NCM) ; Valentin NAGERL (IINS)

Role of Planar Polarity proteins on the Cytoskeleton dynamics of dendritic spines

LabEx support: 31 666€ /year for 2 years



Morpho-functional plasticity of the tripartite synapse

LabEx support: 58 000€

Teams: Giovanni Marsicano (NMC), Valentin Nägerl (IINS), Stéphane Oliet (NMC)

CytoPlan: Impact of Planar Polarity on shaping neurons and synapses

LabEx support: 36 000€
Teams : Mireille Montcouquiol (NMC), Olivier Thoumine (IINS)