Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINBordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences
Cluster of excellence


The LabEx BRAIN is one of the major structuring operations of the neuroscience community in Bordeaux. It is complementary to Neurocampus that aims to the development and construction of a housing complex hosting laboratories IMN, IINS and NCM.

BRAIN represents a tremendous opportunity to foster new initiatives and transversal projects by putting together a multidisciplinary consortium of world renowned scientists, in order to meet the most important challenges facing neuroscience research. With this aim, BRAIN is build on the diverse and complementary expertise of its teams and partners, in fields ranging:

  • high resolution imaging
  • cell biology of the neuron
  • physiology of neural networks
  • animal and human behavior
  • mechanisms of neuro-degenerative and behavioral disorders.

It also puts special emphasis on key technological developments, shared resources, and education, by creating an international training center for neuroscience research, the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

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