Université de Bordeaux
LabEx BRAINBordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences
Cluster of excellence

Transversal pathophysiology and innovative therapeutics for aging, memory and cognition

Key words: memory, cognition, executive function, attention, sleep, brain aging, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cohort, neuropsychology, anatomo-pathology, biobank, surrogate markers, animal models, drug discovery, pharmacology, nutrition.


Coordinators: Bruno Bontempi, Jean-Marc Orgogozo.

Participant Teams: Bruno Bontempi, Pierre Philip, Erwan Bézard, Aline Marighetto, Nora Abrous, Daniela Cota,Laurent Groc, Christophe Mulle

Associated Teams: Jean-François Dartigues / Jean-Marc Orgogozo / Christophe Tzourio / Bernard Bégaud (LabEx Public Health), Bernard Mazoyer / Vincent Dousset (LabExLabEx translational imaging), Daniel Béracochéa, Wim Crusio, Sophie Layé

General objective :

The overall aim of this project is to phenotype relevant memory and cognition disorders associated with ageing in a multi-dimensional way (biological, morphological, pathophysiological and clinical) in order to propose innovative therapeutics based on these categorizations. BRAIN has long-standing scientific expertise and unique translational capabilities in the following disease groups characterized by, or involving, a disorder of memory and other cognitive dimensions : degenerative brain diseases of the elderly (Alzheimer's disease -AD, other dementias, Parkinson's disease -PD and associated disorders; other memory and cognitive impairments (sequelae of brain lesions; psychiatric conditions, obesity, attentional deficits; stress; sleep disorders; chronic fatigue; depression and other mood disorders…).

Selected projects:


Translational study of the cerebral substrates involved in pathological fear recovery

LabEx BRAIN support :35 000€/ year for 2 years

Cyril HERRY (NCM); Mélissa BONNET (UMS CNRS 3428)

Diagnostic précoce et pléothérapie de la maladie d'Alzheimer

LabEx BRAIN support : 45 000€
JM. Orgogozo

Functional contribution of newly born neurons to the formation of remote memories during normal aging

LabEx BRAIN support : 50 000€
Nora Abrous (NCM), Bruno Bontempi (IMN)