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Selection of PhD extension Grants 2016

Selection of PhD extension Grants 2016

The Steering committee of the LabEx met on Friday June 24th to evaluate and select the candidates for the 2016 PhD extension grant. The laureate list is:


Butler IINS 12 Imaging and quantification of single molecules in thick biological samples with adaptive optics    Jean­Baptiste Sibarita
Charline  Kambrun IINS 12 C low threshold mechanoreceptors a key for the nociceptive circuitry     Yves Le Feuvre
Vincent Planche NCM 12 Pathophysiology and Imaging of early memory impairment in Multiple Sclerosis     Thomas Tourdias
Houda Radwani IINS 4 Modulation of nociceptive response by group I Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors and L-type calcium channels in spinal cord: Electrophysiological approach in vivo    Pascal Fossat
Benjamin   Robert NCM 12 The Planar Cell Polarity pathway regulates the balance between Pattern Completion and Pattern Separation    Nathalie Sans
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