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The first edition of the International Bordeaux Neurocampus - Brain Conferences is scheduled in October 1 - 3, 2014. “MitoBrain” for ‘Mitochondrial Functions and Dysfunctions in the Central Nervous System, will focus on the role of mitochondria in the cells in the Central Nervous System (neurons and glia), in normal and pathological states.

This meeting aims to promote dialogue between international experts on the role of mitochondria applied to physiological and pathological processes of the CNS, and to improve the therapeutic challenges.

More than 200 researchers, coming from different countries and from Neurosciences or Bioenergetics disciplines, will present and share their results.

Renowned Speakers will be there to brainstorm with scientists, in order to generate innovation, creativity and therapeutic perspectives. Some representatives of leading healthcare companies and innovative biotech start-ups will join the conference.

Scientific program of the conference is based on plenary lectures made by internationally renowned personalities. Several young scientists will be selected on their abstracts by the Scientific Committee to give a talk during the event. Poster sessions will also be organized for informal exchanges among participants.

See more:http://brainconf.u-bordeaux.fr/

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