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BRAIN Scientific Advisory Board meeting

BRAIN Scientific Advisory Board meeting

BRAIN LabEx had the first visit of the Scientific Advidory Board on May 19th & 20th

The 4 members of the committee present (Arthur Konnerth, Chairman, Rob Malenka, Carmen Sandi and Claudio Bassetti) had been introduced to BRAIN by Daniel Choquet who presented Bordeaux Neurocampus and BRAIN, BRAIN different actions leaded during the first 2 years and the future strategy (slides enclosed).

Then, Erwan Bezard reported the transfer programme and Claire Herzog described the project of the future Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

Nathalie Sans (Biochemistry facility), Christel Poujol (Bordeaux Imaging Center) and Pierre Philip (Phenovirt) presented  the activity of their respected facilities and the LabEx input, and they were followed by Anne-Sophe Hafner and Matthias Haberl, 2 students supported by BRAIN for the PhD extention grant.

Valentin Nagerl, Melanie Ginger, Veronique Deroche, Bruno Bontempi, Alexandre Favereaux and Anne-Cécile Wielanek-Bachelet and Daniela Cota,( respectively fo Axis 1-5 and non thematic call) reported their last results obtained on BRAIN projects.

After a poster session, a visit of BIC, the IMNc and Phenovirt, and the SAB committee met the steering committee.

A social event was organized at Château Pape Clément in the presence of all the facilities’ heads and Bordeaux Neurocampus team leaders or their representatives.

On Tuesday 20th, the SAB committee gathered in order to write their report and then exposed theirs suggestions during a last discussion together with Daniel Choquet and Claire Herzog.

The SAB report has been sent to all the Bordeaux Neurocampus team leaders and will be discussed during the next BRAIN steering commettee, in order to adapt our strategy.

 LabEx BRAIN SAB 14-05-19

Daniel Choquet BRAIN presentation:

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