BRAIN Cluster of excellence
Bordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences 

PhD Extension Grant 2017PhD Extension Grant 2017

The LabEx BRAIN offers to students from Bordeaux a fellowship to complete their Ph.D thesis, either before or after the defense. The fellowship aims at funding either a fourth year of Ph.D or up to one year immediately after a 3 year Ph.D, covering up a period to finish projects before leaving for a post-doc. The deadline for submission is June 20th 2017 at 10h00 (AM).

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Call for Application LabEx BRAIN Scientific Projects Program 2017Call for Application LabEx BRAIN Scientific Projects Program 2017

Submission deadline : Monday 10th may 2017 The deadline is extended to June 10th at 2 pm

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Sélection projets recherche Clinique 2017Sélection projets recherche Clinique 2017

Le comité de direction du LabEx BRAIN a évalué aujourd'hui, 15 mai 2017, les projets soumis à l'appel recherche clinique.

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Appel à projets LabEx BRAIN Recherche Clinique 2017Appel à projets LabEx BRAIN Recherche Clinique 2017

Date limite de soumission : jeudi 6 avril 2017 

Neurocampus Application

Please fill in the following items to complete your application

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Neurofrance 2017 will take place in Bordeaux on May 17-19. During these days the Bordeaux Neurocampus federation will hold a stand where we would like to make job offers available to visitors.  Please complete the form bellow with your application details before May the 12th. 

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