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Bordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neurosciences 


PhD extension grant



The LabEx BRAIN offers a fellowship to student of Bordeaux Neurocampus to finish their PhD thesis before to leave for a post-doc.

For the first edition, 14 proposals were submitted and evaluated by the LabEx BRAIN steering committee.

Selected projects are:

"Role of NMDA receptor surface trafficking during synaptic maturation and plasticity"

Laurent LADEPECHE, supervision Laurent Groc, IINS.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months

"Cannabinoid type 1 receptor (CB1) deletion in discrete hypothalamic nuclei: its role in energy and glucose homeostasis"

Pierre CARDINAL, supervision Daniela Cota, NCM.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months


"Dietary omega-3 deficiency and emotional behaviors: role of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis"

Thomas LARRIEU, thèse sous la direction de Sophie Layé, NutriNeuro.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months


« Nanoscale functional organization of branched F-actin networks and N-cadherin adhesion during dendritic spine motility"

Anael CHAEZAU, supervision Grégory Giannone, IINS.

LabEx BRAIN support: 10 months


"Alterations of dendritic electrogenesis in layer 5B pyramidal neurons in a mouse model of Fragile X Syndrome"

Audrey BONNAN, supervision Andreas Frick, NCM

LabEx support: 8 months

Ph.D Extension Grant- 2016Ph.D Extension Grant- 2016

The LabEx BRAIN launches its 5th call for PhD extension grant. The deadline for submission is May 25th

Sélection Bourses de Soudure 2015Sélection Bourses de Soudure 2015

Le Comité de Direction du LabEx BRAIN a sélectionné vendredi 3 juillet, les lauréats à l'appel à projets Bourses de Soudure 2015.

PhD Extension Grant Selection 2014PhD Extension Grant Selection 2014

For this 3rd edition of the PhD extension grant, we received 15 applications. After individual evaluation and ranking according to the criteria described in the call for proposal, the steering committee selected on June 30th, 6 candidates for funding and 4 candidates ranked on complementary list, as detailed above.

Call PhD Extention Grant 2014Call PhD Extention Grant 2014

The LabEx BRAIN offers to students from Bordeaux a fellowship to complete their Ph.D thesis. The deadline for submission is June 20th at 12h00 (AM).

Résultat sélection des bourses de soudure 2013Résultat sélection des bourses de soudure 2013

Le comité de direction de BRAIN s'est réuni le 18 juillet 2013 et a sélectionné 8 candidats pour la bourse de soudure BRAIN

Bourses de soudure 2012

Pour la première année, 14 candidatures ont été reçues. Les propositions ont été évaluées par les membres du comité de direction du LabEx BRAIN.  Les projets sélectionnés sont les...

PhD extention grantPhD extention grant May 30, 2013 316 Kilo bytes

Call for proposal PhD extention grant